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Wooden Sunglasses Gold & Sunset Red

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**LIMITED OFFER** Receive two pairs of lenses in different colors when you purchase one color. Available while supplies last. Add the extra color you'd like to receive in the remarks section of your order.


Our eyes love to see symmetry and there is nothing more symmetrical
than circles. Perhaps that is why we can’t look away from these
round sunglasses.


On the beach or ready to tackle the slopes, our sustainably sourced
high-grade veneer hardwoods are combined with thin layers of aluminum
to ensure our frames are built to last. With over 65 steps to
hand-craft each frame, you can guarantee that no two frames will ever
be the same. 


Help see life more clearly with our acclaimed range of Polarized
Lenses with UV 400 protection designed to reduce glare on those
blue-sky days.


Sustainability and environmental conservation are key objectives that
Bear Essentials pride themselves on. For every purchase made from this collection, we commit to planting one tree in areas of deforestation
using only native trees, enabling you to give more back to the
environment than you take away.


Our famous frames also come with a protective cork casing that folds
down perfectly into any bag or back pocket but also keeps the frames
safe when you don't want to wear them (which will be never)

Our Wooden Sunglasses make for great gift ideas ideal for loved ones, friends or
even treat yourself.